Download a Unit of UOC’s material to your PC

Hi to everybody.

I will try to explain how can you download a unit from UOC’s material to your personal computer, and how to use it.

I will put some screenshot of my PC to show you how I do this.

Note: I use Firefox navigator, so I will explain to do with Firefox. I don’t know if it’s the same process with Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome (or others…).

First of all, you must be logged into UOC (Campus Virtual). And then go to «Aula» and «Materials i fonts».

Materials i fonts

Then you will see a list of Units to study, and you can choose the one that you need. In my case, I choose «Unit 2: My first job». To open it, click in word «web», in blue colour.

Unit 2

That will open a new window with the content of Unit 2, and then we can download this contents into our PC.

To do this, click on button «Save».

Save unit 2

That will open a new window, and I choose the option «Material en zip».

Material en zip

When you click it, appears an information about how to download the content, and for do it, you can click on «Fitxer».

Descàrrega fitxer

After you finish to download the .zip file, browse on your PC, and when you find it, click on right mouse button, and choose an option similar to «Extract to here…»

Extract zip file

If you do this, your PC creates a folder with the same name as .zip file, and inside this folder, you can find all the content of Unit 2.

Content of unit 2

To use it, open the file «Index» in your navigator (in my case, Firefox). It will appear a security alert of Flash Player.
Click on Configuration button to go to «Panel parámetros de seguridad global».

Alerta on Flash Player

Then, click on «Editar», and then «Agregar». After that, click con «Buscar carpeta», and find the folder where is the Unit 2.

EditarAgregarBuscar carpetaCarpetas permitidas

After do all of this, I can do all of exercises of the Unit in my PC (without an Internet connection).

If you have any problem or see any mistake, please, tell me 🙂


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